Droplist Overview

  Free Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Monthly Price Free £4.99 £8.99 £11.99 £15
Place Backorders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Droplist Days (First 80 domains listed) 7 15 30 60
Expired Access No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pay-on-Catch Credits 2 4 6 8 10
Zone File Access No mobi / xxx us / info / biz
mobi / xxx
net / org / us / info
biz / mobi / xxx
com / net / org / us
info / biz / mobi / xxx
Bulk Whois Daily 50 125 250 500 1000
XML Feed No No No No Yes
Most Comprehensive Lists
We constantly monitor over 8 million co.uk, .uk, org.uk, and me.uk domains, and are adding more weekly, to bring you the most comprehensive uk drop lists around. Other uk list providers run at less than a half of that.
Full Domain Metrics
We provide useful statistics top help you choose domains. Currently these are Pagerank, Majestic (backlinks and referring domains including EDU and GOV), Moz Page and Domain Authority, Google monthly searches, Google CPC, Alexa links, Alexa rank, Archive.org amount of scans, Archive.org first appearance. We also check the domain in 8 other extensions.
Up to 60 Day Droplists
There are, on average, around 170,000 co.uk, org.uk and me.uk domains in the 60 day drop category. These are checked daily for re-registrations and sudden expiry. Domains due to drop the same day are checked every hour. This helps keep the lists as accurate as possible and makes sure you don't waste your time going after a domain that is no longer dropping.
Daily Email Lists
From your member's area you can set the option to have lists emailed to you automatically every morning. We also provide a list of domains that dropped yesterday. This is useful for picking up gems that weren't registered or may have been overlooked.
Searchable Expired Domains
Our searchable expired list contains over 3 million domains. Some of these domains have traffic from inherent searches and/or links. They are also a good place to find ideas. As domains expire daily they are added to the list.
XML Feed
For our platinum members we offer access to an XML feed. This allows developers or anyone wishing to use/sort the data for their own use access to our database directly.
Bulk Whois
You can use our whois server to access large amounts of data simultaneously. This data will either be shown to you or made available for you to download in a text file.
TLD Zone Files
We provide zone files for .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz for download. These are updated daily and contain a list of every domain registered in that extension. We do not provide UK zone files.