Backorder Overview

Powerful Backordering System
You can sign up for free and immediately be able to backorder.

- Pay On Catch Credits

Pay-on-catch credits allow you to order up front without paying anything. For a, org,uk, or a .uk dropping *without* a corresponding domain you assign 2 credits. For a .uk you assign 1 credit if it is dropping at the same time as the domain with it's rights. If a domain is caught using this method you will then be invoiced £12.50 per credit. This works out slightly more expensive than purchasing backorder credits but gives you the advantage of ordering with no outlay. As there can be only one backorder per domain we cannot, of course, issue unlimited POC credits - there would be nothing to stop a person backordering everything and preventing others from using the site. However there are various amounts of POC credits allocated depending on subscription. Please refer to our pricing for more information.

- Backorder Credits

Backorder credits are bought up front. The more you buy, the cheaper they are, (see our pricing for more information). These allow you to place backorders on domains but are cheaper than paying for a catch with POC credits. If a domain is caught your credits for the backorder are removed. If, of course, the domain is not caught you will immediately be given back your credit to use on another domain. Please note we do not offer refunds for credits bought.

- Request External Catching

If a domain is already backordered on our tag you can request our hosted chasers to catch it for you. We always have many people using our hosted chasing system to catch domains on their tag - thousands have been caught. You can fill out a request, set a price, and you can increase your chances by having multiple people chasing on your behalf. Click here to request an external backorder. This is an external service and has nothing to do with any credits/orders at domainview.
Catch in Your Name
Most other dropcatchers will catch a domain for you in their name. This often means that you have to pay an extra fee on top to transfer the domain into your name. That is not the case with DomainView. All domains can be caught in your name or any registrant details you wish (see below).
Multiple Registrants
With our system you can add multiple registrants if you wish to catch domains for other people or in different names. Every catch will use the registrant data as specified when backordering. Because this information is hard coded before the chase there is no detriment to speed or chance.
No Nominet Fee
Any domain caught for you is automatically caught with your registrant details. A simple tag change (free) will ensure that you don't have to pay a nominet transfer fee. You can perform the tag change quickly and easily from the menu.
Proven History
We have caught thousands of domains for clients including many generics and three letters. You can see some of them here.
UK Droplists
People with an account can view a list of dropping domains for today and tomorrow. These lists can contain thousands of domain names but contain no metrics. For a comprehensive list of domains dropping up to 60 days away we recommend a subscription to DomainView droplists.
Refund Policy
We do not offer refunds for credits bought. We consistently catch for clients on a daily basis but cannot guarantee that a domain you backorder will be caught. For this reason do not buy more credits than you think you'll use/need.
We only accept Paypal for any payments. Please do not backorder if you cannot use this payment gateway.